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My story...

I started out as a regular parent with a child who couldn't read. I have experienced all the stress, doubts and worries that most parents face when having to put their child through Hong Kong's education system.


I have to admit I freaked out a bit when my first child was about to enter Primary One and still couldn't read a sentence from a book. I really want other parents to know that being a native English speaker doesn't mean your child will automatically read well, just as not all children who speak Chinese are going to do well in Chinese.

After seeing how happy and confident my children were with reading and spelling using The Maelan Way™ system and also learning the program myself, I put my full trust in Zoie's teaching methods and philosophies. The bonus of the program is that my children were naturally able to spell as well!

Since then Zoie and I have been teaching together and spreading the joy of reading and learning with our students. I couldn't be happier and more fulfilled as I help make the educational journey just a little bit smoother, for each family I meet.

My  firstborn

My eldest son is full of curiosity and a quick learner. He learned The Maelan Way™ at age 5 with a solid 2 years of phonics lessons under his belt. His reading "a-ha" moment happened 3 months later.

My middle child

My middle child is more sporty and requires visual and hands-on learning (aka "slow learner" in Hong Kong standards). He learned The Maelan Way™ at age 4 starting with just the knowledge of the letter sounds A to Z. His reading "a-ha" moment happened 6 months later.

My youngest child

My youngest daughter is feisty, hardworking and competitive. In terms of learning ability, she's right in between her brothers. She learned half of The Maelan Way™ at age 5 starting with just the knowledge of the letter sounds A to Z. Her reading "a-ha" moment happened 4 months later.