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My teaching journey....

My teaching style has evolved over the years as I believe keeping up with the times and staying relevant is the best way to help my students become forward thinkers and global citizens.

I am creative and unconventional by nature. I'm always seeking new ways to connect with my students and plan lessons that open their minds and let them engage in the world around them. My creativity is definitely inherited from my parents, a retired photographer and graphic designer. It allows me to create a lot of fun things for the classroom, especially games.

As a mommager of one, I am also passionate about the environment and animals.  So I always try to include topics of compassion and respect in my lessons. My daughter shows me on a daily basis what children can accomplish given right amount of freedom, guidance and most importantly encouragement.

Before switching to teaching full time, I worked in healthcare for over a decade managing several private expatriate clinics. I worked closely with doctors of various specialties, nurses and support staff. My senior management skills allowed me to transition effortlessly to classroom management. In that time I also developed a unique ability to accurately assess a student's personality and character. This enables me to develop effective strategies.

After teaching for 20 years I feel lucky to be continually inspired by my students. I have been and will always be their greatest cheerleader and supporter.

My educational journey...

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture; Major Animal Science; Master of Science in Health and Hospital Management; Post Graduate Diploma  in Education;  Primary English