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This is Book 2 of our series, written for anyone who can read it so they can use it to teach others how to decode English words.


A part of learning how to read - decoding and pronouncing words- can be tricky. Teaching your child or your students to read can be even more challenging. 


After becoming a teacher, I had tremendous empathy for my students who were struggling. Inspired by my experiences, I decided to create my own reading system which cuts through all the technical jargon, research, studies, methods, etc. I would have a system that is user friendly and comprises of 2 systematic approaches.


For many teachers or parents, you will know in 4 hours whether this method works for your student or child. I’ve been teaching for nearly 20 years, I’ve seen first hand how my program has helped many students, teachers and parents. I am ecstatic to share with you the simple system that I have created.


Once your student or child learns the system, all you need to do is guide them to incorporate it into their daily reading. There is no limit to the system. Reading doesn't have to be done with a book! They can read signs or cereal boxes, and if they want to play a game, encourage them to read the instructions.  


My philosophy is simple, if you can pronounce any sound, you can pronounce any word. This is the essence of the entire system.


There are no workbooks or endless writing exercises, so it works even if your student or child can’t write yet. They go straight to reading and using the system with real stories and books. The program adjusts naturally to your student or child’s age and learning ability so that fast learners may be reading in 3 months and slower learners may take up to a year. 


You will not feel disappointed by a “timeline”. For example, “read in 100 lessons”, if you child doesn’t achieve that goal you may feel disappointed or anxious. This program really takes away the stress, pressure and worries for teachers and parents so that they don’t think they OR their child are lacking in some way.


So if you are ready to welcome simplicity in reading for your student or child, it is time for you to try Quick Fix Phonics For Reading, The Maelan Way™.


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